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Lifesaving - SRC

Surf Rescue Certificate

This course usu­ally runs for 8–19 weeks



  • Can­di­dates must be a finan­cial mem­ber for the cur­rent season

  • Can­di­dates must be a min­i­mum of 13 years old on the date of assessment

  • Have com­pleted a 200 metre swim in five (5) min­utes or less prior to com­mence­ment of course (signed and observed by an autho­rised club per­son). This can be done in a swim­ming pool of not less than 25 metres, or over a mea­sured open water course.


Course Out­line

  • Basic First Aid

  • Work as part of a team

  • Pub­lic Safety and Aquatic Rescue

  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tions

  • Occu­pa­tional Health & Safety



  • Per­form a board & tube res­cue of a con­scious & uncon­scious patient

  • Per­form basic first aid

  • Per­form Resus­ci­ta­tion and Patient Assessment

  • Com­plete a 100m Run, 100m Swim, 100m Run in under 5 minutes

  • Com­mu­ni­cate on Patrol via signals



Mem­bers are required to re-qual­ify this award annu­ally. Re-qual­i­fi­ca­tions take around 2–3 hours to complete.



Surf Rescue Certification May 2014

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