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Nippers Awards

Club Championships and Awards

The club holds the Kirra club championships each year. A male and female champion trophy is awarded to the highest point scorer in each age group. There is also an Age Manager award for the 'most deserving' nipper in each age group.


The club Age Champion is determined by the best two point score results from the three club championship rounds held during the season. 


Water events may be cancelled in adverse conditions, though if possible the round may be rescheduled.

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Surf Education Awards

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has a set of competency based awards for each age group. The nipper program aims to teach all the competencies to the juniors over the season so that each nipper receives the award (certificate) applicable to their age group.


Our goals, aligned with SLSA junior development objectives, are:

• To provide the best possible lifesaving experience for all juniors with the view to encouraging long-term active participation.

• To provide opportunities for juniors to participate in and enjoy lifesaving and competition in an aquatic environment by offering a wide variety of activities suited to the skill and maturation levels of all juniors.

• To ensure the juniors are safe on Australia’s beaches through the provision of surf safety education programs.

• To develop a team based philosophy encompassing leadership, camaraderie, teamwork, and fun.

• To promote social, emotional and physical growth and development in a healthy and safe environment.



U6 Surf Play One

U7 Surf Play Two

U8 Surf Awareness One

U9 Surt Awareness Two

U10 Surf Safety One

U11 Surf Safety Two

U12 Surf Smart One

U13 Surf Smart Two (includes Resuscitation Certificate)

U14 Surf Rescue Certificate (become a patrolling member)


Co-ordination of all Junior Activity awards is the responsibility of the Awards Officer. The Awards Officer works closely with each Age Manager and the Chief Training Officer to ensure that each child completes award training.


Surf Education Overview

Surf Play is a program for the youngest members, or 'green caps'. Surf Play is about fun, participation and play. All water activites are conducted in shallow water, up to the child's knees, and on the water's edge.


Surf Awareness is the first stage of children's development in surf lifesaving. Children who have successfully completed the Surf Awareness course iwll have developed awareness, ideas, knowledge and skills about recreational safety inan aquatic environment. 


Surf Safety is stage two of children's developement in surf lifesaving. Children who have participated in and successully completed the Surf Safety course will have enhanced their ideas, kinowledge and skill in aquatic safety issues and self-survival techniques. They will develop an understanding and knowledge of the surf environment and its hazards.


Surf Smart represents stage three of surf lifesaving develpment in the Surf Education program. Children who have participated in and successfully completed the Surf Smart course iwll have gained skills and knowledge commensurate with introductory surf lifesaving, patrolling and sporting activities.


Note: If a child joins, for example in Under 10s, this child must achieve Under 8 & Under 9 Awards as well in their first year.


More details about the Junior Development Program.

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