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Nippers Team

The success and growth of our surf club relies on the generous contributions of our members. There are many ways to help make our club run smoothly, to give our kids the best experiences and equipment possible, to grow our next generation of surf life savers and athletes, and to provide a family and community focused sense of belonging. Have a look at the office descriptions below. Maybe there's a role you'd like to take on the committee? 

2024-25 Junior Activities Committee

Jnr Activities Chairperson

Deputy JAC     



Team Manager U8-U10

Team Manager U11-U14



Carnival Nominations Officer

Publicity Officer

BBQ Coordinator

Gear Stewart 

Awards Officer              

Training & Education Officer

Chief Water Safety Officer

Clothing Coordinator

U6 Age Manager

U7 Age Manager

U8 Age Manager

U9 Age Manager

U10 Age Manager

U11 Age Manager

U12-14 Age Manager

Board Coach

Bianca Sunday


Loretta Cassone

Loretta Cassone



Melinda Kretchmann

Luis Carvalho

Loretta Cassone

Joy Starr

Peter Clarke

Gavin Hall

Loretta Cassone


Mark Rafter

Bianca Sunday

Rebecca Gerber

Perry Waara

Greg Muranyi

Dave Sunday


Gavin Hall


Chris Eddelbuttel

Nipper Little Dudes 2021.jpg

Nomination Now Open for Committee Positions for 2024/25 Season
Click here for Nomination Form




Chairs the committee meetings when present, and supervises the affairs of the Junior Activities Commitee. The Chairperson, when presiding at a meeting, has a deliberative and casting vote. The JAC shall be an officer of the Club and must attend Club Executive and Management meetings. (By-Law 4.18). Prepares an Annual Report to the Club and submits regular reports to Club Executive and Management meetings. Represents the Club on the Point Danger Branch Board Of Junior Activities (BOJA) and attends all meetings (monthly and as required). Shares minutes and information from these meetings to junior activities committee members. Is responsible for organising monthly meetings of the committee and as needed.



In the absence of, or as delegated by the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson performs all the duties undertaken by the Chairperson.



Attends to all the correspondence and meetings and records the minutes of the meetings in a minutes book. Issues notices of meetings and any circulars of matters of interest to the Committee in conjunction with the Club Secretary. Responsible for collecting registration details of all junior members and entering into SLSQ database system (Surfmate). Passes registration details to the club administrator.



Responsible for the overall supervision of financial commitments of the Committee and submits reports to the JAC. Submits budget income and expenditure, maintains credit and debit ledger of the Committee financial dealings and establishes the standing of the Committee. Provides and seeks co-operation from the club treasurer. Ensures all monies collected for membership and from fundraising are deposited and recorded in accordance with club policies and procedures.


REGISTRAR (2 Positions)

Collects registration details of all junior members and enters them into SLSQ database system (Surfmate). Passes the registration details to the Club Administrator. Is responsible for keeping attendance sign on/off records on Nipper Sundays.


TEAM MANAGER (Can be 1 or 2 positions U8-U10’s & U11-U14’s)

Responsible for the control and conduct of the competitors at carnivals. Submits a team report following each carnival detailing competitor attendance, results and recommendations. Responsible for submitting carnival entry documentation and declarations. Nominates and organises carnival officials and carnival water safety personnel as prescribed in the carnival entry information pack. Organises water safety with the Water Safety Officer. Notifys competitors' parents and Age Managers of carnival locations and times. Ensures the Carnival Nominations Officer performs their duties within designated time frames. Prepares the age competitors and teams as selected by the Selection Committee for their respective events and ensures the competitors are at the marshalling area at the prescribed time for each event. Lodges protests at carnivals as per the Association handbook. Is assisted by Age Managers and Age Manager Assistants.



In conjunction with the Club Gear Steward is responsible for all the equipment. Makes sure the equipment is in good condition, repair and properly stowed. Is responsible for setting up the beach for Nipper Sunday activities. This includes the beach sprint track with markers at 70m and 90m, flags area and education/awards tent.



Ensures the water safety requirements on Nipper Sundays are met in accordance with SLSQ regulations. Keeps a register of current SRC and Bronze Blue Card holders who are able to perform water safety duties at carnivals. Is responsible for supplying water safety nominations to the Team Manager when called upon and must ensure that nominated persons attend to their commitments.



Organises specific programs and events to further the education and development of the JAC membership. Works in conjunction with the Awards Officer.



Responsible for training and examination arrangements for the Junior Awards and Competencies, as defined by SLSA and SLSQ Junior Activities guidelines. Examination records and workbooks are submitted to Branch where required and details are entered into SLSQ Surfmate database system. Responsible to and works in conjunction with the club's Chief Training Officer.



Collects carnival competitor nominations from Age Managers and Team Manager and enters them into SLSQ Surfmate Carnival Manager system before Carnival Manager close-off times. Produces reports from this system and distributes them to Team and Age Managers.



Orders junior and senior clothing and maintains adequate stock levels. Works in conjunction with club Clothing Co-ordinator. Displays and sells clothing on Nipper Sundays.



General publicity duties includes publishing results of Nippers events and carnivals and points of interest from the Committee meetings. Collects and publishes information on the Sunday notice board. Produces monthly newsletter and others according to need. Submits articles to the Club's monthly newsletter. Gathers and submits content for the surf club website. Responsible for other publicity associated with Nippers such as School newsletters notices, etc. Responsible for the promotion, publicity and organising of events aimed at increasing or maintaining the Junior membership levels of the Club. Works with the Club’s Publicity Officer.



Manages and operates the weekly Nippers BBQ on Sundays. Organises all operations for running the BBQ while ensuring OHS requirements and standards are met. Tasks includes ordering provisions, preparing and cooking, marketing, set-up & pack-up, and account keeping. Works with member volunteers from weekly nominated age groups.


AGE MANAGERS (for each age group U6-U14)

Implements programs and supervises Sunday Nippers activities in accordance with SLSA and SLSQ Junior Development guidelines. Prepares programs and works with the Awards Officer ensuring that juniors complete their Award requirements prior to entering carnivals. Provides event nominations for carnivals to Carnival Nomination Officer. Assists the Team Manager in selection of teams for carnivals. Also assists the Team Manager during the performance of his duties at carnivals.

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